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In radar, wider modulation bandwidth increases the radar’s resolution, its capability of identifying objects, its capability of determining an object’s velocity and its capability of detecting objects in challenging conditions. It also provides the radar with flexibility to adjust to different types of conditions and objects it wants to detect. Radars are often used in mobile settings, which puts severe restrictions on power consumption.

InCirT’s data converters provide the ideal solution. Our data converters deliver highest coherent modulation bandwidth of currently up to 8GHz (and a potential of >20GHz) combined with extremely high energy efficiency. Additionally, we can achieve 8GHz already in the highly robust GF 22FDX technology.

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Radar InCirT GmbH


We provide ultra-high-performance and highly energy efficient data-converter solutions.

Radar InCirT GmbH


We are an international team with deep tech­nical and com­mercial experience and the ambition to build and commercialise market-leading products.

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