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We enable mmWave5G and 6G

mmWave5G and 6G standards are set to revolutionize mobile communication with each standard expected to bring magnitude improvements in terms of data transmission speed.

To meet these ambitious metrics, data converters must deliver extremely high coherent modulation bandwidth and high effective number of bits (ENOB). At the same time, low power consumption is paramount, both to minimize electricity costs in mobile network infrastructure and to reduce battery drain in consumer devices. InCirT's high performance data converters present the ideal solution!

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  1. Coherent modulation bandwidth of 8GHz and an ENOB of 12 (and ENOB >12 at lower modulation bandwidths). Upon request modulation bandwidth can be increased to even 20GHz and beyond.

  2. Ultra-low power consumption.

  3. Significantly reduced power consumption of the overall transceiver system. Thanks to a highly reduced sampling rate, the power consumption of the digital signal conditioning is reduced. InCirT FDDACs eliminate the need for digital and Nyquist filters. The channelised architecture of our data converters enables embedded linearisation and hybrid pre-distortion.
    > Beyond this our data converters have the following features which makes them suitable for telecommunication.

  4. Programmable in terms of bandwidth and signal quality and thus can be used in a multi-mode multi-standard system such as software defined radios (SDR).

  5. Generate output signal or analyse signals directly at IF or RF (RF DAC / RF ADC).

Our data converter technology is ideally suited for chipsets within mobile network infrastructure including front-haul, back-haul and fixed-wireless access equipment. It is equally suitable for any kind of consumer devices.

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Telecommunication InCirT GmbH


We provide ultra-high-performance and highly energy efficient data-converter solutions.

Telecommunication InCirT GmbH


We are an international team with deep tech­nical and com­mercial experience and the ambition to build and commercialise market-leading products.

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