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Test and Measurement

Break­through perfor­mance at minimal heat generation

High performance test and measurement devices for advanced wireless communication, such as arbitrary waveform generators and signal analysers, ideally provide ultra-wide modulation bandwidth, functionality for a wide range of use cases, reliability and a convenient form factor.

InCirT’s breakthrough data converter technology presents the ideal solution. It is capable of delivering ultra-wide modulation bandwidth of currently up to 8GHz (and a potential of >20GHz) at an ENOB of up to 12, while being extremely power efficient with minimal heat generation. We have silicon verified 8GHz data converters in highly robust GF 22FDX semiconductor technology.

High Performance DAC / ADC

Test and Measurement InCirT GmbH


We provide ultra-high-performance and highly energy efficient data-converter solutions.

Test and Measurement InCirT GmbH


We are an international team with deep tech­nical and com­mercial experience and the ambition to build and commercialise market-leading products.

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