Enabling next generation Wi-Fi

Next generation Wi-Fi standards such as Wi-Fi 8 or mmWave based Wi-Fi standards promise to bring indoor wireless connectivity speed to 50 Gbit/s and above. Wireless connectivity will for the first time match data rate and latency of advanced cables. This will, for the first time, allow compute node and input/output device to be truly separated, vastly improving and expanding indoor wireless use cases.

1. Within AR/VR devices the vast majority of compute can be moved off the headset, making it much lighter and providing it with much longer battery life. Ultra-low latency will allow truly immersive and live-like interaction.

2. At home, no cables will be required anymore to connect even ultra-high resolution and high-frame-rate external screens / and beamers to one’s laptop or gaming console.

3. In an industrial setting, entire stationary machine parks and autonomous mobile robots will be able to be synchronized wirelessly and exchange even largest data sets instantly vastly simplifying factory set-ups and significantly improving productivity.

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Data converters for these next generation Wi-Fi standards must deliver extremely high coherent modulation bandwidth and high effective number of bits (ENOB). Our data converter solutions deliver exactly that:

  • Up to 8GHz of coherent modulation bandwidth (which satisfies even the advanced 802.11ay standard),
  • ENOB of 12 at 8GHz modulation bandwidth (and >12 at lower modulation bandwidths),
  • extreme power efficiency.

Our data converter solutions are ideally suited for routers and repeaters as well as for any kind of end devices (cellphones, laptops / pads, TVs etc).

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We provide ultra-high-performance and highly energy efficient data-converter solutions.



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