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AR/VR – enabling a new generation of wireless headsets

Our products revolutionize AR/VR

AR/VR manufacturers have a choice to make: they can either offer tedious cable based solutions but deliver the best experience in terms of image quality, latency and head-set weight / comfort. Or they offer comfortable wireless products, which perform much worse in terms of image quality, latency and head-set weight / comfort. This is because due to today’s insufficient wireless technology, wireless headsets need to integrate the data processing and a heavy battery into the headsets.

InCirT’s technology allows this to change: its ultra-high speed (enabling up to 56 Gbps for uncompressed high resolution video), low latency and unparalleled energy efficiency enables AR/VR manufacturers to build wireless AR/VR headsets that offer all the benefits that otherwise only wired headsets could.

High Performance DAC / ADC

Conventional DAC / ADC

AR / VR InCirT GmbH


We provide ultra-high-performance and highly energy efficient data-converter solutions.

AR / VR InCirT GmbH


We are an international team with deep tech­nical and com­mercial experience and the ambition to build and commercialise market-leading products.

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